Our Story

Founded in 2016, we at Para Bellum Designs (from the Latin “Prepare for War”) aim to bring a thoughtful savagery to your t-shirt drawer – at a price that allows you to have a full drawer instead of a half-empty one. We love this country.  We love our freedoms.  We love bravery of thought and deed.  And we love making bad guys go boom.  Whether you’re military, a veteran, law enforcement, 2A lover, fighter, or just someone who likes a cool quote that drips more testosterone than a bullet and bacon sandwich, we’ve got a shirt for you.

Our Team

We’ve got a dynamic duo of complimentary experiences here at Para Bellum Designs that allow our shirts to be smarter, tougher, cooler, and generally just better than anything else you’re going to find on the interwebs.

Fred Intrater

As a deep red conservative who enjoys the absence of political correctness, with decades in graphic arts and the apparel design/production business, Fred knows how to turn a badass idea into an even badder-ass design and shirt for you to impress your friends with.

Chris Day

A Ranger School graduate, Combat Infantryman, US Army Paratrooper, and veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, Chris knows how to “cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.” But as a Yale and Columbia graduate, he also knows how to turn those angry war cries into eloquent sentences and well-researched quotes.